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Why Leasing?

Our customers benefit from the latest tech

We know how important it is for businesses to keep up to date with the latest technology and ensure they have a competitive advantage in their marketplace. Leasing offers many benefits over traditional capital purchases of technical and electronic equipment for your business.

Advantages of leasing



The Equipment Technology Life Cycle

Equipment technology continues at such a rate that it is very capital intensive for businesses to keep up with the latest technology, often making the technology lifecycle seem more like a treadmill.

No problem with Technology Leasing, you have the flexibility to replace, upgrade or continue with your equipment, thereby increasing productivity and reducing down time.

Simple Monthly Payments

Lease terms are flexible, and usually geared to the effective life cycle of the product. Terms are available for 24, 36, 48 and 60 months, but can be adjusted to suit your requirements. The most efficient lease term is around 36 months; however upon application we will consider Lease Plan term options to suit your particular needs.

The easy monthly payments provide a steady and predictable monthly expense.

Preserve your Credit

Leasing allows the procurement of your required equipment while preserving bank credit lines for short term requirements as they arise.

Simplify Your Accounting

With the simplicity of a single monthly lease expense there are no complicated depreciation rates and interest calculations. You can easily identify and allocate the actual expense to the appropriate area within your business, tracking costs has never been easier.

Conserve Your Capital


By avoiding the capital outlay of purchasing technology equipment, financial resources are free to be used for other projects to maximize return within your business.

Tax-deductible operational cost

Your rental payments should be fully deductible provided our tech equipment is used to generate taxable income. Get in touch with your accountant and professionals to review.

Maintained or non-maintained options

Our lease solutions can be inclusive of planned preventative and reactive maintenance providing a fixed cost all-inclusive technology lease solution. Alternatively, maintenance can be structured outside the lease.

Technology upgrades during lease available


Ready to embrace the future?

We have the expertise to help. Get in touch with our team today.
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